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From the owner:

Our mission is to do good in our community and in the world. Our HVAC business is the vehicle that we use to support that mission. Our goal for 2023 is to give $50,000 to Tender Mercies and Doctors Without Borders. Now, we are a small company, so that is a lofty goal. It is going to take a lot of people believing in our mission to reach that goal. My hope is that people will find us, believe in our mission, and join the cause. It is also my hope that other business owners will see our success and follow our example.

I feel like a lot of businesses make small, perfunctory pledges with a thinly veiled benefit to their business. This is not our intent. We are committed to giving until it hurts, knowing that our work is serving a purpose greater than ourselves. Our mission is not self-serving; it is motivated by our spiritual and humanitarian values.

We all understand that people need money to pay the bills, but we can feel it when we’re being price-gouged or taken advantage of. We are committed to treating people well, doing hard work, and giving everything that we can back.


The Causes We Support

Tender Mercies is an organization that provides food, housing, dignity, and direction to people in Cincinnati who need it. They are focused on providing permanent housing to people with significant mental barriers that preclude them from entering society in a conventional way. This organization is filled with angel-people.

Find out more about them at


Doctors Without Borders is an organization that sends volunteer medical professionals and aid to areas affected by disease outbreaks, conflicts, natural disasters, etc., where local healthcare is grossly inadequate. They swoop in and fill the healthcare void to prevent as much suffering as possible. The are truly superheroes.

Check them out at

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